Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stacks of coves on the Solway

Near the caves there are sea stacks and rocky channels.

Further along the coast, towards Fleet Bay, there are islands and sandy coves.

We stopped here for lunch and to compare notes about the Rockpool Menai 18 and the Valley Nordkapp RM before the ebb tide left us stranded.


Solway caves

A Solway cave.

Leaving Little Ross Sound we turned eastwards round the base of Fox Craig. We rested in an eddy out of the main flow of the ebb tide. Looking back we caught a final sight of the Little Ross lighthouse between the skerries at the base of the cliff.

The coastline between here and Fleet Bay has lots of opportunities for rockhopping but is often unapproachable due to strong tides and swell. We were lucky we had a north east wind. The Nordkapp RM is a fantastic boat with all the performance of its composite sibling. I have written a review in the current issue of Ocean Paddler issue 3 and will post it here once the next issue is published.

This beautiful cave is just a little further east than Dove cave.