Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free fall at Carlandcheek..

Our afternoon sojourn at Carlandcheek lasted sufficiently long enough for the tide to retreat from the base of the cliffs. We made our way...

 ...round to a wonderland of wave cut...

 ...caves and rock platforms.
I was quite happy to keep my feet on the ground as the others clambered athletically over the rocks.

 Then we spotted the waterfall...

 ...it poured over a lip of hard rock onto a steep slab of sandstone below.

Fresh from his success scaling the cliffs to the caves, Phil now turned his attention to the waterfall. He managed to climb a third of the way up the steepening rocks but, all of a sudden,  he lost his grip and slithered back down the slippery slope. Amazingly he managed to stay upright, till he hit the bottom. Picking himself up, he nonchalantly made his way back to the kayaks.

Back at sea level, I enjoyed the beauty of the sandstone. Carlandcheek is a fascinating place but if you do a Google search for it, you will only find it here!