Monday, October 26, 2009

"The kayaker's have arrived!"

We arrived at Scalasaig with every intention of making a cultural visit, inspecting ancient crosses and buildings. However, we are easily diverted and our boots had barely dried before we came across this sign for May MacKinnon's Pantry! Not only that this Pantry was licenced!

May and her assistant wondered if we had come from one of the (large) yachts which had dropped anchor of the pier.

"Actually we have come in kayaks."

"Oh you must be the canoeists that have come all the way from Islay!"

Word travels fast in these parts!

Well we were hungry and thirsty, so we ordered bowl-fulls of home made soup (potato and leek) and home made bread. As this was second luncheon, we added a variety of pastries including some excellent venison pasties! May wondered if we would like a cup of tea with our pasties but the sun was by now well over the yardarm, so we decided to wash it all down with some local Colonsay Ale.

Phil wondered if this might affect his paddling abilities but we quickly reassured him that it would not, if consumed in moderation, taken with some food and followed by a siesta!

"What do you think of the beer David?"

We did not forget to take notes of our experience and after careful consideration, the staff of award May's Pantry 12/10 as a sea kayaking pub!

After a most pleasant afternoon sojourn in May's Pantry, we made our way slowly back down to the kayaks. We were met by some tourists and a lovely young couple who worked at the hotel. All wanted to know more about these strange craft that had carried us to Colonsay over an open ocean, without recourse to the ferry!

As they say in Scalasaig, "The kayakers have arrived!"