Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Multiple choices at Dunure.

The sun had risen above the cliffs behind Dunure harbour so we were able to enjoy second luncheon in the warmth of the sun. I will leave it to your own imaginations to decide if we did not visit the excellent pub beside the harbour because:

A. we were enjoying the winter sun.
B. we had arrived too early and the pub was not open.
C. we were penniless.
D. we were all teetotal.
E. none of the above.

Whatever the reason, David decided to give his Guinness arm some exercise by taking the Taran 16 out and... it some laldie before coming back in to regale us with some more, even shaggier dog stories. He kept us entertained until the sun dipped below the cliffs...

...casting us into a very cool shade. It was surprising how far the tide had gone out, even though we had not crossed the threshold of the pub! There was hardly a ripple on the water as we prepared our boats for the return trip.