Friday, March 21, 2014

Desktop kayak paddle sailing.

I was delighted to spend yesterday evening with Richard Cree and the crew from West Coast Paddlers. As a club, they have decided to take up kayak paddle sailing. It was a busy night and teenagers Greg and Thomas really got stuck in with drills, screwdrivers and spanners and knot tying. They can now tie fisherman's knot, bowline and adjustable grip hitch! They had ten of the new P&H sea kayaks  branded Flat Earth Code Zero sails to fit to members and club boats. These will be available for the Flatwater Symposium to be held on the last weekend in March. I will be delivering two kayak sailing sessions assisted by my regular paddle sailing friend Phil.

As I was the first person to import a Flat Earth sail into the Northern Hemisphere it gives me very great pleasure to see a kayak club take it up so enthusiastically. I was originally delighted that accessory maestros Kari-Tek had become European distributors for Flat Earth sails but is wonderful to see that P&H, a mainstream kayak manufacturer, has now  got behind paddle sailing. The P&H sail comes with a Kari-Tek supplied mast and modified fitting kit. P&H sea kayaks now come with fore decks reinforced for mast bases.If you are thinking of fitting a Flat Earth sail to your kayak you can find some fitting tips here.

 What better way to finish the night off than with some desktop paddle sailing!