Saturday, April 17, 2010

What happens after you test a P&H Cetus LV?

The P&H Cetus LV looked good on the sands of Ardwell Bay.

While we were engaged upon our luncheon, the tide race had built up off Money Head in the foreground. Portpatrick lay 12km away under the distant transmitter mast beyond Tandoo Point in the distance.

Several people have emailed asking when I am going to publish the results of our test of the P&H Cetus.

Tony really enjoyed paddling it...

...but the test has been published...

in issue 20 of Ocean Paddler magazine.

I will post a copy of the test here...

...once the next issue of OP is published in 2 month's time.

Until then you will just need to take our word for it that it is a damn fine sea kayak.

At the end of the test Tony ordered a Cetus, which is more appropriate to his weight than the LV.