Friday, April 09, 2010

Sea Kayaking round Laggan peninsula Mull via Lochs Spelve and Buie

A 44km paddle from Ellenabeich on the Island of Seil across the Firth of Lorn and round the Laggan peninsula of Mull via Loch Spelve, freshwater Loch Uisg and Loch Buie, February 2010. This route takes you through part of Scotland's Great Glen Fault, which just clips SE Mull. It involves two portages and two open crossings. Although this was a day trip, it would make a fantastic multi day expedition. From Glasgow it takes about 2hrs 45minutes to drive to Ellenabeich.

Tidal streams in the Firth of Lorn south of the entrance to Loch Spelve run at 2 knots springs
NE going +0515 HW Oban -0015 HW Dover
SW going -0105 HW Oban +0555 HW Dover

Tidal streams at Loch Spelve entrance run at 3.5-4 knots springs
Ingoing -0530 HW Oban +0125 HW Dover
Outgoing +0015 HW Oban -0515 HW Dover
Strong eddies and overfalls

Tidal streams off Frank Lockwood's Island run at 1 knot springs
NE going +0430 HW Oban -0100 HW Dover
SW going -0115 HW Oban +0500 HW Dover
W going eddy to Loch Buie during NE stream

Loch Spelve

Loch Buie

Google maps, short by an Insh!

Dark volcanic sands of Mull.

A Lorn view at luncheon

The Loch Spelve welcoming committee.

Loch Spelve and its mysterious pier.

A sea kayaking milestone on Mull.

Sea kayakers get fresh on Loch Uisg, Mull

Lochbuie, his highlanders and an admirable port.

The road to Loch Buie.

Sea kayaking at sundown in Loch Buie.

A night crossing of the Firth of Lorn by kayak.

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