Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pool of the Song in the Sound of Luing

We broke out of the tide towards the Corryvreckan and entered the Sound of Luing between Scarba and Luing. Kilmory Lodge, which is one of the few houses on Scarba, stood high on the hill side above us.

On the other side of the Sound, low lying Luing presents a gentler contrast to the steep hills of Scarba. In the distance, we were preceeded up the Sound by a pod of about 30 bottlenose dolphins, which were thrashing the surface of the water in a long line and some were leaping clean into the air.

We had seen them here before, in February 2004, but at much closer range.

We stopped for second breakfast below the Lodge on the wooded shores of Scarba, at the delightfully named Poll n h-Ealaid, "pool of the song" . Phil noticed the strength of the tide, which nearly swept him past this little harbour...