Thursday, November 08, 2012

Disaster at Dunure!

When we left Bracken Bay for Dunure we were helped along... a light F3 wind from the NW. Andrew and Colin turned back just before Fisherton Point. As we carried on round the point, the wind suddenly veered round to the SE and we were met by a very gusty F4 to F5 breeze. This required a close reach to make Dunure and frequent vicious offshore gusts threatened to flatten us. It made for some rather exciting kayak sailing but sadly the conditions were not conducive to photography... you can only judge how much fun we had by our expressions... we entered Dunure harbour. Sadly things then took a turn for he worse. We had made such good time that we arrived in the Dunure Inn at 11am...90 minutes before the draconian Scottish licencing laws allow the sale of intoxicating liquors on the Sabbath!

 Mike could see the funny side but Phil had never tasted anything quite so wersh as Coke.

It was just as well that David was not with us. Things could have got desperate...