Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Keeping time at Dunure.

 We made our way back to the kayaks and...

 ...slowly got ready for our return trip to Ayr.

 The time had slipped by all too quickly and the sun was now fast sinking...

 ...behind the dark walls of Dunure castle. The empty windows of the keep briefly flashed with the full light of the sun as our kayaks slowly drifted past.

 The approaching cold front had made significant progress towards us and we were admiring the cloud strata when we spoted something wobbling about at sea. It was difficult to judge the scale but we thought it looked like a stand up paddler.

 We nipped out to investigate...

 ...but  it was Jennifer in the Taran 16 who got there first. It was a make shift buoy to mark the position of the Dunure Inn Christmas lobster keep.

Shortly after we left the lobster keep, the Dunure Inn landlord motored out to it in his boat.

One of his guests had either ordered a lobster for dinner or he was checking to see if we had nicked his lobsters!