Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sea kayaks are go on Hirta Island!

By now it was nearly 4pm on Monday. Unfortunately the promised light winds for Tuesday were lost in the gloom of the most recent forecast: force 5 southerly this evening increasing force 6 southerly by morning. It was make or break time, on St Kilda calm conditions never last long. Murdy considered the options then came the call. "Launch the boats!" Raiding Vikings could hardly have got on the water so quickly! Murdy's plan was to paddle round Hirta anticlockwise. This would mean we should arrive in the Hirta Soay gap about slack water. The only problem might be an increasing southerly shrieking through the gap. Murdy arranged for Cuma to rendezvous with us at the gap. Cuma would then go through as a probe!

The tour boats were all moored in a neat line across Village Bay, very shipshape! But wait....

...that red boat doesn't look very neatly parked!