Friday, April 20, 2007

Next Generation

Edited 24/4/2007

Alison said: "and who is this fine crew? i want to get my two ( 9 & 12 yrs) more involved in s-kayaking. the older one has been in my kayak a bit. i may have to get a double. what do you suggest douglas?"

Hello Alison, Elliot 13 and Fraser 7 are my wife's nephews. This is the really excellent inflatable Advanced Elements Advancedframe Convertible Kayak. It is great for youngsters as it is warm with no nasty hard edges. Elliot had been in a kayak briefly about 5 years ago but this was Fraser's first time. Note how well they are paddling in synch! Note also the junior paddle that Fraser is using and Elliot is using a light carbon river paddle. The following day they paddled 1.5 miles. With regard to introducing youngsters to paddling...first you have to toughen them up a bit