Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GearPods review

Here is an interesting gadget. In its nylon sleeve it can be strapped on to a BA kept on deck...

...or it just the right size to push up into the wasted space beside a skeg box. Its called GearPods, basically a modular series of different length tubes with single and double ended screw caps so that a series may be screwed together. The little Pod on the end is ideal for electronic car keys though I prefer to carry these in a waterproof bag on my person.

Here it is in comparison with some other things I use to carry odds and ends. The Nalgene bottle has a pretty narrow mouth in comparison.

It comes either as the bare Pod or including a variety of contents such as a first aid kit (some rubber gloves might be a useful addition) but it even includes a little pair of tweezers.

This is the outdoor survival kit. It even includes a little anodised aluminium stove that either burns solid fuel "metamine" tablets or has a little burner for meths. the aluminium windshield makes it effective in a breeze.

Other contents include waterproof matches, LED torch, whistle, signalling mirror, fishing hooks, water purification tablets and a little stand up poly bag for the purification, (though you could also use the pod or the stove cup) etc. etc!

Talking of waterproof, is it? Well my jet wash turned up full, could not manage to get even a drop inside! I think it passed the test!

It's an ideal present for Father's Day then! Either the bare Pods or with the included kits. A very well designed product. More info over at the GearPods web site.

Conflict of interest statement: I did not purchase the GearPods. Sammy from Adventure Gear Systems kindly sent me a commercial sample for review.