Monday, September 03, 2012

The White Steeds of the Solway #2.

It has been a windy summer and I haven't done much sea kayaking as my knees have been a bit knackered. I can't even lift a kayak onto the car roof rack any more. However, I have been based on the Solway, where I just leave a kayak on the beach. The Wheeleez Kayak Cart mini has been a real boon. The effort of pulling my previous KCS trolley (with conventional wheels) up the soft sand has caused my left knee to dislocate several times. I can't carry a kayak on my own any more either, so I was on the point of giving up (unless I had someone to help) but the low pressure ballon tyres of the Wheeleez trolley just float over the top of the soft stuff. Problem solved. The Wheeleez is made of real high quality materials. Thick walled anodised aluminium and stainless steel fittings are used on the frame and it comes with two straps.  The only down side is that the stainless steel retaining pins that hold the wheels on have a habit of flying off, if you tow the trolley through something like marram grass to get to the beach.

Unfortunately it is not very easy to find in the UK but if you can find one, I recommend it highly!

Anyway there was a good breeze on August the first, so I headed out for some fun, photographed by my cousin John Black. Thank you for the great photos John!

 It was hard work battering out through the steep waves and...

 ...the wind. The tide was ebbing against the wind...

 ...which made for some great conditions.

The inverted V on the bow of the P&H Delphin is not just good for resurfacing after submarining when riding the waves back to the shore. It is also great for shedding a wave that dumps on the deck on the way out.

 This is the view from the water on the way out.

 Time to turn tail and catch some waves. Lean forward and PLF.

A quick stern rudder and outside edge to correct the inevitable broach...

 ...then back on line at...

 up to 19km/hr.

Then repeat...
 ...well and truly done.

I have been amazed by the versatility of the Delphin. It's obviously designed for this sort of thing but my wife and I have also been using it as a day boat to pootle out to the islands on a calm day for a picnic and a swim.

 I only managed 3km and I was knackered!

What a great day!