Friday, December 17, 2010

Seakayaking in the shade of mountains.

The beach at the mouth of Glen Sannox usually has a deep covering of silvery granite sand, which has been washed down from the mountains. Recent storms have stripped much away and it was a rough landing on the exposed boulders. We were now in the chilly shade of the mountains.

We paddled down the east coast of Arran below rocky ridges that rose high into the blue vault of the sky. A couple of paragliders were soaring above the windward slope of Goatfell.

We emerged into the sunshine again as we approached Merkland Point, which guards the north entrance to Brodick Bay. The silhouette of Holy Island reminded us of another great sea kayaking destination in the Clyde.

The sun began to set behind the beautiful mixed woodland, which grows right down to the shore at Merkland Point.

Unfortunately the resident otters were nowhere to be seen, so we paddled out...

...into the broad expanse of Brodick Bay. The sun was now well below our horizon but high above us, the A'Chir ridge and Goatfell still caught the dying rays of the sun. It was now only a short paddle to the ferry terminal. We were in good in time for the 16:40 ferry to Ardrossan and a welcome hot meal aboard.