Friday, May 04, 2007

Return from Gigha

The problem with paddling out to islands off Scotland's west coast is that quite often the forecast force 2 is exceeded, even in the middle of a high pressure system. Tony's flysheet blew off in the middle of the night and leaving the shelter of the lee of Gigha, it was apparent we would have a rough crossing.

Jennifer decided to take the ferry back but Tony and I were looking forward to a bracing crossing in the stiff north easterly.

Jennifer took these photos as we left the north of the island.

We left at 0845am to try try and catch the slack before the northerly flood built up against the NE wind.

Out in the Sound of Gigha steep waves were breaking and we frequently lost sight of each other. It was a very bracing crossing. Both Tony and I employed frequent low braces. It was a satisfying crossing at the end of a fantastic trip.