Sunday, December 23, 2012

Freedom and marbled skies over the Firth of Clyde.

 It was a bitterly cold day and we crunched our way through ice at the top of the beach.

 The sun rose as we passed the mouth of the River Doon.

 There was just a hint of an easterly breeze as we made our way...

 ...past the Heads of Ayr...

...which lie about 5km south west of Seafield.

It was a spring low tide and we got some extra exercise. It was a long walk up the beach at Bracken Bay to the old tree trunk, which is our favoured seat for first luncheon. This beach catches surf from the south west and it can be difficult landing here when the tide is higher. Unfortunately I was not looking where I was going and slipped on one of the slimy green rocks. My inattention led to a further painful dislocation of my knee, ouch!

 Setting off south again, the dull grey clouds slowly transformed into...

..the most amazing marbled sky. As the wind caught our sails, we experienced an incredible feeling of freedom. It took the ache away from my knee!