Friday, February 18, 2011

Imminent Barassie Monkeys.

When we left Lady Isle, the wind swung round to the SE and increased with a dramatic fall in temperature. Nearly 4 hours before, the Clyde Coastguard weather MSI broadcast had warned of gale force winds from the SE, expected imminent.

 Yikes! Time to get home. By the time we approached the harbour wall at Troon Point our hands were freezing in the biting wind.

I could resist the temptation of a beam reach to Barassie beach no longer. Up went the rig and my speed increased from 6km/hr to 12km/hr as Flat Earth sail filled with wind and accelerated me forwards.

By the time I had landed on Barassie beach Tony was nowhere in sight.

Although the sun was still shining the SE wind was so cold that it wasn't just our fingers that were freezing and at risk of dropping off as we got changed. Still, we were really pleased to have snatched a bold winter paddle before the approach of the storm.