Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sail sale at Kari-tek.

David sailing a 0.8sqm classic version of the Flat Earth kayak sail.

From the number of emails I get on the subject and the number of people asking me questions at the SCA Perth Canoe Show last month, I know a lot of you are thinking of trying sea kayak sailing. Well although they don't have it on their web site, Kari-tek have a very special offer on the classic versions of the Flat Earth kayak sail.

All sizes of the classic sail are now reduced to £124 (original prices varied from £200 to £260, depending on size.)

Although the classic sail has now been replaced by the Code Zero version, I think the classic version is highly suitable for new comers to sea kayak sailing as it is a bit less powerful and more forgiving than the Code Zero due to having a flatter cut and more twist in the head. This is particularly helpful when learning in the predominantly gusty winds we get round the UK coasts.

You will still need to buy a two piece mast at £55 and a fitting kit. The Kari-tek fitting kit is suitable for most people and costs £70. If you are interested in going on to sail in stronger winds, you might want to look at the way I fit the sails and buy your own fittings, in which case you just need the mast and the mast foot base plate from Kari-tek.

Happy kayak sailing!

A two of your five portions a day stop.

 From Culzean Castle we paddled south towards...

... Port Carrick and its sheltering reefs. In the distance Turnberry lighthouse stood on the far side of Maidenhead Bay.

 Inside the reef all was calm and...

 ...it made a great place to stop for third luncheon.

 Phil had brought a flask of coffee and two of his Five a Day portions of fruit and veg.

As we shared one of Phil's portions, we enjoyed the view as gentle waves washed through the reef.