Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A hot drink at Lenihuline on the West Kyle of Bute..

I had not been well for seven weeks and had missed the sea. A plan was hatched for a short trip in the shelter of the West Kyle of Bute. We arrived at the broad expanse of Ettrick Bay, where the forecast SE F4-5 wind had already picked up.

We had left our cars at Rhubodach at the north end of the Kyles of Bute so we were all set to enjoy a downwind blast.

Out little party consisted of David,...


...Ian and myself.

We made rapid progress and soon had Kames on the Cowal mainland in sight.

We stopped on the shore below the South Wood of Lenihuline to adjust Ian's seat. This was not an official luncheon stop but David whipped out his flask...

...and asked "Would anyone like a hot drink?"

...it turned out to be hot mulled wine and despite the early hour,...

...who among us could refuse such a welcome liquid libation of warming liquor on the shore of Lenihuline?


  1. Looks like a nice and tasty little trip. If I close my eyes I think I can taste the hot mulled wine.
    I see you guys use sail, have you ever tried a kajak kite?
    Best regards from Norway

    1. Thanks Rolf, no we have never used kites. The sails are very controllable even if things turn nasty. I am not sure I could handle a kite in those conditions :o)

    2. Hi Douglas. It is a kajak kite, one rope only. And you can even roll with it when its up in the air. Easy to launch and take down. My top speed was 23 km, that was fast enought for me ;ø)

    3. Hi Rolf that sounds fun, we need photos! The sails achieve similar and faster speeds but can also go upwind. :o)