Monday, April 02, 2012

Paddling like lions round the Cumbraes,

 We proceeded down the Largs Channel towards the giant cranes of the Hunterston ore terminal.

On the way, we passed the stone "lion" (a weathered basalt dyke) on the south end of the Great Cumbrae.

High above paragliders were enjoying the  uplift above the Fairlie Hills.

At sea level we were still able to sail across the Tan, which separates the two Cumbraes.

 Colin and Andrew carried on paddling hard keeping up with the kayak sailors. They paused only until a motor sailor decided on which way to turn.

Finally the Firth opened out and we set off across the shipping channel to the Ayrshire side.


    Life in kayaking helps you to think.
    Sometimes from the memories that we feel forgotten, something is still present. Just a photograph. Observe and understand that there was a person who is now no longer part of our lives................ Why?

  2. Hello Maurizio, these words ring very true with us. Our paddling friend Jim Broadfoot died suddenly and unexpectedly when he was only 50y. Photos bring back great memories of good times with Jim.

  3. Thanks Douglas, your photographs are a great way to remember these moments in time. MEG

    1. Meg it is always good to hear from you. There is not a day on the water when we don't say, "we wish Jim was still paddling with us".