Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fast breeders at Hunterston.

On arrival at the Ayrshire coast we arrived at...

Hunterston nuclear power station. The water in these parts is like warm tea...

...due to the outflow from the reactor's cooling water. It is a particularly attractive spot for the local eider ducks. Quick as a flash, Phil quipped "radioactive whoo whoo birds!"

"Not so" I retorted, "those are fast breeder whoo whoo birds!"


  1. Need to be calm seas for That Journey round the Islands.Amazing the distance you can travel in a Kayak though Douglas.Great photos. I once visited eight Islands in the central chain in Loch Lomond in a day with a German freind.We packed a lot in as he wanted to see everything during his visit.20 odd miles of paddling and exploring the hills and woods later I,the every weekend paddler, had blistered hands...he didn,t.
    "Superior German Hands." he quipped dryly when asked how.
    A surprisingly nice place to paddle when its quiet though if you haven,t been.

    1. Hi Bob I have paddled on Loch Lomond and enjoyed it in winter. Sadly I went back in summer, Fair Monday to be precise. It was awful!