Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sea kayaking the Hynish peninsula, Tiree.

From Balephuil Bay we enjoyed a downwind blast down the west side of the Hynish peninsula, which is the most southerly point in Tiree.

Once we turned the corned and headed east we were in the wind shadow  and could enjoy exploring the most incredible series of skerries and white and beaches... this one to the west of Port Snoig.

It was past 1pm and so first luncheon was somewhat overdue.

Whatever, it took little excuse to stop at this piece of paradise!


  1. One of the pleasures of kayaking for me is stopping on isolated beaches for breaks or lunch. Not a soul around, just the sound of silence. Sadly, though, no white sadly beaches like in these shots.

    Tony :-)

  2. Hi Tony, we too have plenty rocky and pebbly beaches. The white shell sand beaches are the icing on the cake!