Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sea kayaking Balephuil Bay, Tiree.

Leaving Ceann A' Mhara on Tiree's west coast we arrived at the beautiful Traigh Bhi  or Balephuil Bay as the surfers know it. Ben Hynish is the highest point on Tiree at 141m. I would have loved to have landed and climbed to the radar dome at the top but my knee was bothering me. We missed the all encompassing view if the island from the summit. I hope to climb it one day...

Anyway the view from the kayaks more than compensated.

The turquoise and ultramarine of the sea contrasted with the dazzling white sand and...

...green grass of the dunes...

...while puffy white clouds scudded across the deep blue sky, only a little faster than our kayaks with their sails.

Simply stunning......!


  1. Ooohhh! just beautiful Douglas

  2. Ian, thank you. Tiree was fantastic!