Friday, July 15, 2011

Fish and ships, part one.

 Tuesday was a lovely day so Tony and I set off from Largs Marina...

...past the marine research station on Great Cumbrae island...

 ...and round Farland Point...

 ...where we passed this group of female eider ducks.

We entered the Tan between the Cumbraes and...

 ...landed on the Eileans for first luncheon.

 We then set off for the Little Cumbrae Island trolling our fishing lines.

With the mountains of Arran in the distance, Phil caught us, he had been working all morning and had had no lunch!

We had noticed an unusual amount of VHF radio traffic. Then the MS Europa steamed majestically down the Clyde.

Fortunately for Phil, Tony caught three mackerel and I caught one, guess which one was mine!

We landed on the Little Cumbrae to cook them straight away. They didn't even have time to develop rigor mortis!

They were absolutely delicious! Then channel 16 on the VHF radios really started to buzz....


  1. Great blog, followed you for weeks, pushed me into getting a small boat again, below da hoose here in Shetland.

    Are you aware of these 3?


  2. Hello Peerie and thank you. I asm glad you are back on the water and yes I was amazed to hear the guys on the Shetland Bus had spent a night out on the North Sea.