Monday, December 13, 2010

Sun goes down at Turnberry, after a three castle day!

By coincidence, four refreshment breaks had taken so much time that we arrived at Barwhin Point just at sunset.

Both Turnberry lighthouse...

...and Ailsa Craig...

...add a certain something to Firth of Clyde sunsets.
The sunset did not last long...

...and soon the flash of Turnberry lighthouse was the brightest object in the sky...

...and we paddled into Maidens in near darkness after a three castle day!


  1. Thanks Ian, it was a simply magnificent sunset but soooo cold!


  2. Now those are decent sunset shots of sea kayaking. I presume that being closer to the winter solstice you have more of the magical glow in the sky for longer. I have no chance for anything like that over here in Queensland. Occasionally in June-August, if I'm lucky.

  3. Greetings Gnarly, thank you, but I am afraid I went over the top with the sunset posts. I enjoyed your recent post on blogging and I know I should have been more selective!

    I am not sure it is the closesness to the solstice that improves the sunsets. I think it is proximity to the poles. You are probably about 27 degrees south, we are 55 degrees north. :o)