Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sundown at Culzean

 South of Dunure, Turnberry lighthouse appeared on the horizon.

 We took a third luncheon (not liquid this time) at the north end of Culzean (pron. Cullane) Bay.

By the time we got going again the sun had begun to set.

The Culzean coast line was in deep shade...

...and as we paddled under sandstone cliffs, the great castle of Culzean appeared on the skyline.

This was to be our third and last castle of the day. The caves below the castle have a long history of habitation. They are reputed to connect with the dungeons of the original stone keep, which is buried deep within the 18th century Robert Adam edifice which we see today.

We paddled on, south towards Barwhin Point and the sunset beyond...

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