Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thunder heralds our return to Cara.

After lunch at Sammy's place, it seemed too early to return to Tayinloan. After all we did not want to end up in a traffic jam on Loch Lomond side. So we turned south towards Cara again.

A distant rumble of thunder from the east...

...drew our gaze towards towering clouds...

...but Donald heard nothing.

The isle of Cara grew steadily bigger... we prepared to greet the Brownie once more. What with otters and Brownies, you need to be quite careful landing round these parts. We hoped the thunder had not upset the Brownie...


  1. Hi Douglas, I am enjoying the updates on your trip.
    David A

  2. Thank you David. Your Islay trip kept me going when I could not get out much!!