Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sea Kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar August 2010

August, The Sound of Gunna.

The August desktop calendar is available for download here. will have limited posts for the next few weeks.


  1. Agree! Definitely paradise, a great photo!



  2. Hello Meg, yes it is paradise and that is Jim strolling along the beach, just before we had breakfast.

    Thank you Peter :o)

  3. Hi Douglas. Do you remember meeting me at Otter Ferry with the National 18 Sea Fever. You have been getting around quite a bit since then. I haven't been able to find the photograph you took, has it been included.

  4. Biffo it is great to hear from you. I lost your email in Phil's car sorry! Please email me at douglasdotwilcoxatglasgowdotacdotuk I have not posted the photos yet as that was a later Loch Fyne trip, I will email them. I hope you had a really great return trip to Largs. :o)