Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tony hangs up his hat on Holy Island

We left the sunshine as we paddled north up the east side of Holy Island...

...and entered the shade under the steep slopes of Mullach Mor (314m). In the distance the snow covered slopes of Goatfell were still in full sun.

We stopped at a remote, stony beach to stretch our legs and enjoy a quick (it was cold) bite to eat. Tony and Jim looked out over the Firth of Clyde to the barely visible Ayrshire coast beyond.

All round the top of the beach there was the sadly all too common plastic tat of flotsam and jetsam etc. Always with an eye for the camera, Tony modelled a fetching helmet in an attractive shade of sky blue.

The monks had erected this tasteful plastic post, adorned with a goodwill message in four languages. Tony was impressed by its simple message.


  1. Now if only the fighting between campers and minks would end, there would actually be peace on that island... 8-)

  2. Hello Peter, I think you have made a typo. In Scotland a mink is an alien invader.

  3. Yup - typo. Was supposed to be "monks", not "minks".

    Those automatic spell checkers let me down when I mistype something that is a real word...

  4. Aha Peter, a Freudian typo then, another alien species!

  5. Douglas, I have the feeling that you are turning Buddhist on us and before we know it you will be swapping your dry suit for an orange robe?

  6. Hello Peter, Jim and Gnarly! I don't think they would let us join!!! It is a really great island to visit though.