Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of a Crusade to Holy Island

We left the shady beach on the east coast of Holy Island and paddled towards the north and the sunlight slopes beyond.

Crossing the north entrance to Lamlash Bay we took one last look back at the distinctive outline of Holy Island, the subject of our recent crusade.

Passing low Hamilton Isle, we made our way to the...

...tumbling slopes of Clauchlands Point round which,

Arran's snow covered peaks came into view one after the other.

Reluctant for our paddle to come to an end, we loitered in Brodick Bay as long as we could, as our ferry, the MV Caledonian Isles, steadily increased in size on the eastern horizon.

All too soon our time on the water was coming to an end. None of us knew it then, but this would be the last time that Tony and the second last time that Phil and I would paddle with our good friend Jim.


  1. Your last picture is a perfect kayak image!

  2. Not what I envision when I think of paddling Scotland! Thanks for the imagery. Looks Gorgeous.


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  4. Hello Anon, thank you.

    Thank you too PO, there is plenty more of that in Scotland!

    Thank you Sammy, I will be in touch.