Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tiree sunset and driftwood

We left Scarinish harbour on Tiree loaded with supplies and fresh water for David. Before we left we had scoured the high watermark for driftwood which was nonexistent elsewhere in the islands. Just to be sure, I also bought a sack of logs in the Scarinish Co-op store.

The wind had dropped to nothing as the sun dipped towards the horizon.

We paddled some distance apart, just enjoying the solitude.

We prepared our evening meal as the sun set.

High on the dunes, the view from our tents was stunning...

... but we returned to the shore where we lit our fire with seasoned Scarinish timber. It burned fragrantly in the Hebridean twilight until long after midnight.



  1. my fave pic here... the beach fire by sunset.


    peace & blessings to you on your kayak journeys,


  2. Thank you Highlandwriter, the glow in the northern sky never really died, it started to get lighter again about 1am.