Monday, March 23, 2009

Of geology and pakora!

We landed at Bracken Bay to the south of the Heads of Ayr. This area must be a geologist's paradise. The Heads are a well preserved lower carboniferous volcanic vent but these adjacent weathered cliffs...

..are composed of the most wonderfully coloured layers of sedimentary rocks, which appear to be sandstone on top of a conglomerate layer.

Relieved by our exploration of the geological features we made our way onwards to Ayr. Phil is as pleased as punch with his new Quest. Just as well, as it was to be well tested twice within the week.

On arrival at Seafield in Ayr, David rushed off to Ayr India to obtain supplies of Scotland's national snack...pakora. All that talk of once hot rocks had given us an appetite for some hot food! We ate with gusto, as the sun went down behind the Heads of Ayr.

From Maidens to Seafield is 20.5km. Tony and I hit 15.5km surfing on following seas in the section south of Dunure.



  1. Excellent pictures again Douglas. I'm really interested in your geology pictures. I find geology as interesting as seeing wildlife on the water. I plan to investigate the geological similarities of your land with that of Newfoundland. We were both at one time part of the same "Old Red Sandstone continent".

    Tony :-)

  2. Thank you Tony, I really wish I knew more about geology. I do understand that Scotland has been around a bit before settling in its current location!

  3. What mapping software do you use. I usually post my trips via Google Earth, but I kind of like your maps too and I'm interested in checking them out if it's a web service. Cheers.