Monday, December 15, 2008

Tempestuous seas!

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Trans Atlantic readers of this blog from Newfoundland and Labrador! Thank you for the link Alison.

These hardy souls have to endure some of the most challenging sea kayaking conditions on the planet and are obviously envious of us Scots, sitting here in the balmy Gulf Stream!

However, I would like to point out that it is not all glassy calm seas and glorious sunsets! Somewhat embarrased by Alex's reference to "Tempestuous Seas" (greetings Alex :o) ), today Tony and I decided to salve some Scottish pride and go where the water is seldom glassy calm... the Mull of Galloway! After all, it is just about the shortest day, there was a windchill of minus 2C, a big spring tide and a force 4 to 6 SW wind, what better way to spend a few hours than rounding the Mull of Galloway?



  1. Looks like you had a bit of a portage. How did that go?

  2. Greetings Peter, portage details coming soon! :o)

  3. Douglas, I'm sure Alex didn't mean anything malicious about the calm seas etc, being a Scot himself! And, yes, we're jealous that you lie in the path of the Gulf Stream. A few of us are still paddling in Newfoundland's chilly waters and making the best of it. Great pics.

    Tony :-)

  4. Hello Tony, I know Alex is a true gentleman! By chance we have had a very cold windless start to winter. This has been great for glassy calm sunsets if not for adrenaline! However, we are back into a stream of Atlantic lows. With 11 degrees C and force 7/8 SW winds forecast for the weekend, I might be windsurfing rather than kayaking!


  5. That does it then. I'm only coming to paddle around the coast of Scotland in summer. I'll have to keep looking for a winter paddle destination;)