Monday, November 10, 2008

Landfall on Ailsa Craig

Seeing Ailsa Craig on the horizon from our recent tour of the Ayrshire Carrick coast has brought back memories of a fabulous trip back in May. We made landfall on the spit of granite blocks which extends to the east of the isle. Above us the castle clung precariously to the steep slopes.

The Ailsa Craig lighthouse lies at the easternmost end of the spit. It was built in 1886 by Thomas and David A Stevenson. It has a white flash every four seconds.

After a brief lunch we set off to circumnavigate the island anticlockwise. If it is sunny this will give you the best light for photography on the dramatic west side. As we approached Stranny Point the air was filled with gannets.



  1. What a wonderful pictures and landscape. I hope someday I could paddle there.

  2. Thank you Pablo. The west coast of Scotland is a fantastic sea kayaking destination but we do have bad weather and also midges!