Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hot Dogs in the Grey Dogs

Before we ventured near the Gulf of Corryvreckan, Tony and I thought we had better go for a warm up in the gentler waters of the Grey Dogs at the north end of Scarba. To ensure most benefit of this exercise, we timed our arrival for full spring flood conditions. It has to be said that we were not disappointed. There were a few standing waves in the fairway of the Grey Dogs.

We had been here before but we were quite impressed by the size of the waves in the race. We were headed for the west coast of Scarba which is round the headland on the right, on the far side of the wave train.

Our GPS track of the weekend shows some exploration of the various tidal bits of this most interesting area, the Sound of Luing, the Cuan Sound, the Grey Dogs and of course the Daddy of them all, the Great Gulf of Corryvreckan.



  1. Hi Douglas, yes, we spotted a ‘lonely’ figure on Guirasdeal!

    Rab & Donald (DCKC), who you met recently on the Mull of Kintyre, were in our club group of six.

    It’s a small world.

    This was my first visit to the tidal races; Grey Dogs the Sound of Luing & Cuan Sound, a brilliant day out.

    You’ve taken some great photos of the standing waves, mine are poor in comparison, but then I was concentrating on staying upright!


  2. Hello Bill, I am glad you enjoyed your visit. It's a really good area, one that Tony and I regularly visit. Say hello to Rab and Donald.


  3. Hi Douglas,

    it was a very great pleasure to meet you in Cuan Sound on the wave train, and in the Oyster afterwards - what an excellent pub!

    I'm glad we avoided the Grey Dogs, it looked horrible from your photos! I'm impressed you managed to take your hands of the paddle to take the photo! Cuan was enough for me!


  4. Hello Lucy Tony and I enjoyed meeting the Aberdeen Integrate Paddling club!

    The Dogs' bark is worse than their bite. I hope you avoided the Grey Dogs strong ale, now that has bite!