Sunday, August 31, 2008

The bittersweet taste of salt and adrenaline.

We went for a pleasant bimble round the coast at the weekend.

Salt and adrenaline is a heady and addictive mixture.



  1. Douglas I came to your talk at the Perth Show two years ago. I have long enjoyed your photography and have meant to say thank you for ages.

    Might I ask what sort of camera you used for this great photo and how you kept it dry?

    Me, I would have kept both hands on the paddle!

    Correction, I wouldn't have been there at all. That sure is a scary looking place!


  2. Hi Douglas, is that Jura?

  3. Douglas was that you heading south from Oban 8.15am on Saturday 30th? We were in the Sound of Luing and then the Dogs, it looked very black further south...just like this picture

  4. Hello Paul, thank you! I used a Canon 5D with 24-105L series lens. I have it in a waterproof Ortlieb camera zoom bag on deck. The camers is not tied on and it is in no way waterproof!

    Hello Andy that is Jura from the west entrance to the Corryvreckan. Well spotted!

    Hello Anonymous, yes that was us just a few cars in front of you. We launched from Easdale. Did you see us standing on top of Guirasdeal as you came out the west end of the Grey Dogs about 1330?