Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The great cave of Rubha Mhuirich, St Kilda

Continuing our circumnavigation of Hirta in the St Kilda archipelago, we came across the great cave of Rubha Mhuirich.

This huge cave is about 100m deep running straight into the cliffs. The MV Cuma was dwarfed by its scale

The light extended right to the back of the cave where there was a sandy beach. We could not land because of the amplification of the swells in the narrowing walls. One can only imagine the force of the ocean's fury in an Atlantic storm!



  1. Were there seals in the cave? I was lucky enough to get into the same cave a few years ago (not in a kayak though) and there were a lot of seals there hauled out on the beach at the back.

  2. Hello Fiona, no there were no seals in the cave, what an amazing place though!

    Earlier in the year, we did not go into the Water Cave on Ailsa Craig as there were seals in it.

    I see you had no luck contacting the Ailsa Craig boat from Girvan. I think it only does trips in the height of the summer, the rest of the time it is a fishing boat.