Friday, January 25, 2008

Till a' the seas gang dry

"Till a' the seas gang dry." R. Burns

Leaving Bute we headed for the north tip of Great Cumbrae. The full spring tide of about 3km/hr was ebbing down the channel and the wind had swung round to the north. It was thirsty work what with the pub having closed some time before our arrival on Bute.

We eventually made landfall on the west of Great Cumbrae as sun sank towards the horizon behind an approaching front.

We took another break on the north east of Great Cumbrae before the final crossing to Largs marina. We had a small break as we let the MV Alainn past on her way to Largs

By the time we got back to the slipway at the marina it was nearly dark.

32km is not bad for a short winter day. Pity the pub was closed!



  1. That's three dry outings in a row, Douglas. Should we all be getting a bit worried about your hydration levels...?

  2. Michael, the staff here at are very touched by the concern of a fellow paddler. Particularly one who is also dry due to his local waters having changed to the solid state.

    However, fear not, after such a dry trip, I relied on trusty companions such as Drouthy Dave and Thirsty Tony who soon sniffed out a route with more suitable stopping places.