Sunday, September 30, 2007

A nine metre tide in Little Ross Sound

This last weekend saw 9.1m spring tides in the Solway so Tony and I drove down to Dhoon shore on Kirkcudbright Bay in the Solway. The Valley Nordkapp RM was dwarfed by the Rockpool Menai 18.

The ebb tide began to pick up as we approached Little Ross Island. Tony enjoyed the Menai 18.

We ferry glided across to the island for a spot of lunch. The Little Ross light was built by Alan Stevenson in 1843. The light flashes white every 5 seconds. In 1960 there were two keepers on the island and one murdered the other. (Thanks to Andy for the link.)

After lunch we swapped boats and went for a play in the tide race in Little Ross Sound.



  1. Hi Douglas, I was intreagued by the story of murder. For other readers I found the following page which gives an account of events and the subsequent trial.

    Andy (Newdaze)

  2. Hello Andy,

    Many thanks for the link to this article about the Little Ross light's grim past. Apparently the murder was one of the factors which hastened the automation of remote lights. It was a very peaceful spot when we visited.

    Douglas :o)