Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Holy Island of the fifth precept.

The sharp thinkers among you might wonder what on Earth thirsty kayakers like Tony and I got up to on the Holy Island of the fifth precept....

We ascended to a higher plane.


  1. And to think there are those who believe kayakers have no lofty aspirations. Thanks for settling this matter once and for all!

  2. Aye but we still managed a can of Guiness when we finally reached Brodick.
    Cheers Tony (aka the thirsty one-Hic)

  3. thought you would get round to sampling the mead?

  4. Hello Suzanne, thank you!

    Tony apparently we are now known as the "thirsty kayakers".

    Claire, Buddhist monks do not allow the consumtion of any intoxicating substances on the island.