Sunday, April 15, 2007

Solway sunset.

I am just back from a week down at Fleet Bay on the Solway. We had fabulous weather. By coincidence, Simon Willis has published a podcast on this wonderful area.


  1. What a wonderful and serene photo. Please can you tell me what the tube like things on the deck lines are for?
    Thanks Tim.

  2. A very beautiful picture, indeed! The sea has so many different and fascinating appearances.

    I guess the tubes are used for storing the 2-pieces of a spare paddle. Personally I don't prefer this anymore at the front deck, because of all the spray, and once I almost got speared by my own paddle in surf. Pro of storing it in front is of coursethat the paddle is in sight and better reachable.

  3. Thank you Tim and Hans it was a wonderful night.

    Hans has the correct explanation of the tubes. I have twice lost splits going out in dumping surf, if I have not shoved the blades far enough back into the deck elastics. Another advantage of keeping your rear deck clear of splits is: it is easier to get back in during an assisted rescue.