Monday, April 16, 2007

Burrow Head

Last Wednesday, Tony and I paddled Burrow Head in south west Scotland.

It juts into the strong tidal streams of the Solway and separates Luce Bay and Wigtown Bay.

We found strong tidal streams, some of the best rock architecture, caves and rockhopping which either of us have found anywhere on Scotland's west coast or the Hebrides. Another plus for the magnificent south west.


  1. Interesting rock but not always sound. I remember having a bad fall at Burrow head when a rock came loose in my hands. Great name for the rock though - Saluvian Greywacke - if I remember correctly. I was saved serious injury by good belaying!

    Excellent area for climbing this coast, and now for paddling it seems.

  2. Hi Phil, we saw lots of places where house size chunks of Silurian greywacke had recently fallen off!

  3. Douglas

    Can I ask how you put your multimap extracts into your blog. I presume it's multimap.


  4. Hello, it's not multimap but you can do it the same way. capture a screen image by pressing [SHIFT]and [PrtScr] together. now open an image editing program. File/new/paste

    You can then crop the multimap window and toolbars and then save the map image.

    I am sure if your eyesight was good enough to read the small print you might discover you are not supposed to do this.