Thursday, February 15, 2007

Port Sgaile, Loch nan Leachd, Skye

Many casual visitors to Skye are disappointed by the lack of white sand beaches which are common in other parts of the Hebrides. However, there are hidden gems like Port Sgaile which nestles in a corner of Loch nan Leachd, an arm of Loch Scavaig, to the west of Sgurr na Stri in the Cuillin.

This is a view of Port Sgaile from the summit of Sgurr na Stri. The boat is Bella Jane in which Donald MacKinnon runs trips in from Elgol.


  1. Douglas, your photos transport me. The power of an image is something. It takes a moment to take a photograph, and a lifetime to appreciate it. Love your images!

    Scotland beckons. So many places...such limited time. Your backyard is your playground. Lucky you!!!

  2. i'm more transmogrified. scotty, beam me eastward! al

  3. Hi Donald, isn,t that the beach you reach after traversing the bad step ?, The image brings back memories of a great trip to Skye in 2003 with a traverse of the Cuillan and a two day trip along the Trotternish ridge in what can only be described as very Skyle like weather :-)

    All the best Mike

  4. Wendy, the trouble with Scotland on my doorstep is I have so little notion to travel further!

    Alison, do remember we have more than our fair share of rain! See Mike's comment.

    Hello Mike, see post on 17/2/07