Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mishnish Hotel

This is part of an occasional series of sea kayaking pubs. Ideally a sea kayaking pub should be able to be seen from where you park your boat. It should not involve an onerous hike. It should be open on your arrival. It should serve ice cold Guinness and a variety of malted amber liquids. It should not be snooty about kayaking attire dripping on the floor. The Mishnish fits the bill perfectly.

The Mishnish is situated right on the front of Tobermory, capital of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. Tobermory is more commonly known to millions of children as Balamory in the synonymous BBC series. I have never watched the programme but I have drunk the Guinness.


  1. Interesting! We've our own Tobermory here in Canada, a sailing and kayaking port on Georgian Bay, Ontario, with a few drinking establishments for one's pleasure. The sea walls look a bit formidable in the picture. Where does one leave a boat?

  2. And I have visited Tobermory in Ontario, a wonderful place at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, jutting between Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay. I drive from Canada.

    I've paddled around flower pots near Tobermory. Now I'll have to paddle in Scotland's Tobermory!

    Yes, and how does one scramble from water level up to the pub?

  3. i'd go for room service ;)

  4. Hi folks at low tide (as in the bottom photo) you can land on sand and walk up steps or jetties that break the sea wall. The Mishnish is in the background of the lower photo. There is also a rather fine fish and chip kiosk on one of the jetties. :o)