Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Bad Step

Mike said "isn,t that the beach you reach after traversing the bad step?"

Absolutely right Mike. The Bad Step is the slanting crack over the great slab of gabbro. The first time I came across it, it was getting dark, the wind was howling and it was pouring. Not only that, we had huge, top heavy rucksacks on our backs. It is just about unavoidable on the shore path from Camasunary into Loch Coruisk. There is supposed to be a high level alternative but I have never met any one who has found it.

Here is another shot with a lone scrambler to give scale. It is a fantastic spot.


  1. Great photos yet again Douglas. I will have to visit that place again soon - maybe take the boat into Loch Coruisk. From those photos of the Bad Step, there would appear to be a low tide chicken route just along the water's edge. Might have to have a look the next time I am up there.

  2. Hello glupton, we were there near low water at a pretty big range spring tide. The low tide "chicken run" did not look to be complete!

    The boat trip is really worth it. In June 2000, two of us chartered the boat at 7am to take us in to Coruisk. We then went over the Dubhs ridge back to Glen Brittle camp site. Broadfoard taxis picked us up at 0515 fot the run round to the Bella Jane at Elgol. The boat was about £70 and the taxi about £35. Truly a bargain!

    Some pictures of that trip are here

  3. Hi Douglas,
    Glad to see that you made it to Mull yesterday.

    Ah the bad step.. My wife and I took the boat trip several years ago to to be dropped off with the intention of walking back via the bad step. My wife got terrified halfway across the step and couldn't be persuaded to continue. We had to get to Camasunarry over the top of the mountain and then wade- waist deep through the river- not an advisable shortcut- made for a memorable experience though!.
    Cheers Tony

  4. Tony real sorry you could not make it on Sunday.

    Yes the bad step can be surprisingly intimidating.

    That river at Camasunary can be lethal. The Army built a bridge in the 60's but it did not last long.