Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Madonna of Knoydart

You're shelter from the storm
Give me comfort in your arms
-"Nothing really matters", Madonna

Paddling up Loch Nevis you come to the shelter of Inverie Bay with its isolated village backed by the Rough Bounds of Knoydart. As you round the headland, you are greeted by the open arms of the Madonna of Knoydart.

Knoydart was so remote that following the Reformation, when most of Scotland became Protestant, the Roman Catholic faith survived here in isolation and shelter. It is a great place for a winter paddle (this was last January) and it's got a pub!


  1. ach - your photos are pure gorgeous.

  2. Thank you Alison :o)

    In Glaswegian, that would be: "pure dead brilliant!"