Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The eye of the storm.

Southern Scotland has been lashed by New Year storms. They have caused widespread power cuts, cancelled New Year's firework celebrations and sea kayaking trips. We decided to go mountain biking in Galloway today.

The Eye is a 13 metre stone spire beside the Black loch in Galloway.

It was not just power lines that had been brought down.

We had a steep ascent of 500 metres.

Followed by a blast down a forest track to a section of public road. I got up to 54.3km/hr on the track.

Then more off road stuff on the Old (very old) Edinburgh Road.

It was wetter than sea kayaking. My one mistake was thinking I could keep up with my daughter and her friend! Good for burning off seasonal excess though!

Added 3/01/07:

The Eye is one of a series of sculptures that make up the "Art in the Galloway Forest Park" project.


  1. Happy New Year Douglas,
    What more can you tell me about 'The Eye' stone? I am very intrigued, and have never seen anything like that. Such unique stone pieces capture my imagination...
    Might I even apply this picture at some point in my own blog musings? I bet the waves were really up during these storms!

  2. Hello DSD please use the photo. The Eye is part of an "Arts in the Forest" project. I have posted another photo in the blog. :o)