Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A fourth luncheon on the machair at Silver Sands

We stopped on the southern side of the Silver Sands of Smirisary and...

...made our way up the shore to the...

...closely cropped machair which backs the beach. Here, below a rapidly sinking sun, we partook of our 4th luncheon which we washed down with a not ungenerous snifter of 12year old Caol Isla.

After our comestibles had been suitably dwindled, it was time for a... prandial perambulation over the machair to the headland where we took in the view to the Small Isles to the west and... Rubh Arisaig and Skye to the north.

 We left Silver Sands and paddled north until we could...

 ...turn to the east and enter the Sound of Arisaig.

The sun was setting as we paddled on towards Glenuig Bay where we drew the boats up in the gathering darkness. Sadly there would be no further luncheons on this day.


  1. Good to see your blog on the go again Douglas.. this trip brings back some great memories from this time last year ..I wonder if this year will have so many dolphin encounters :-D

    1. Thanks Donald, unfortunately March 2018 seems to be still in the grip of winter! It was a very special trip last year though. :o)