Sunday, February 11, 2018

Total silence in the Sound of Arisaig at sunset.

On our return across the Sound of Arisaig we initially had a decent breeze to assist our progress but the sun sank in the west and Rois-Bheinn took on a warm glow, the...

 ...wind dropped to nothing. Donald's little F-Rib had long since landed, leaving Mike and myself in total silence in the middle of the Sound.

We were in no hurry and reflected on what a great afternoon we had just enjoyed. Our reverie was broken by the sound of a naturally aspirated 3 litre straight six petrol engine rising and falling along the twisty road from Loch Ailort. It could only be David and Phil arriving from Ayrshire so..

..we pressed on and pulled the boats up from low tide in Glenuig Bay to the Inn where we...

 ...wasted no time in ordering a round of sports recovery drinks. David and Phil were of course very disappointed to have missed the dolphins....

It may have only been a short afternoon trip but it turned out to be one of the most memorable days on the water, ever!


  1. Your right Douglas the UK is very underrated. I have travelled widely and enjoyed some remote locations and had some remarkable encounters with wildlife. I can’t help wondering how the UK was in the not too distant past. The seas must have been thriving. Unfortunately, they have been excessively plundered. maybe recent sighting of dolphins, humpbacks, minke and orcas can only suggest how it might have once been. as always keep up the good work, writing your most enjoyable blogs. KP

    1. Thank you Keith, 5,000 years ago the upper Firth of Clyde must have been so beautiful ,with Scots pine and sessile oak bordering the shores which are now post industrial wastelands.

  2. Looks wonderful, Douglas. We had such a great paddle with Ian, off Arisaig several years ago. Landing on the beaches, we could have been in the Caribbean. And just this past weekend, we took a friend visiting from Vancouver Island, to the Glenfinnan area...and then the Glenuig Inn for lunch. It was great! We could feel your spirit there. :)

    1. Thank you Duncan and Joan, I am not surprised you could feel my presence there at the Glenuig Inn, Steve keeps a lpot of back issues of Ocean Paddler for guests to read and a fair few of them have articles by me in them !! :o)